Little girls practicing ballet

Why Dance?

At Palmyra Academy of Dance we are extremely passionate about dance in education. There is vast research that supports the many benefits dance education offers a developing child. Creativity and innovation are essential characteristics for employment in the American economy (National Center on Education and the Economy, 2007). Dance taught as an artistic discipline develops 21st century skills required in our workforce.

Children in early childhood are sensory, motor, and concrete thinkers who learn best from processing information physically through body movement and through their senses. (Piget, Werner, Cassier, Vygotsky, and Kestenbery)

Both hemispheres of the brain are actively engaged while learning dance. (Brown and Parsons, Scientific American, June 2008)

Participation in high quality arts education programs improves students imagination, creativity, symbolic understanding, conditional reasoning, critical thinking, and collaborative learning and action. (National Dance Education Organization)

Dance participation programs nurture persistence, resilience, achievement, motivation, and engagement.

Students who study dance score, on average, 36 points higher in verbal, and 15 points higher in math on SAT’s. (Collage Entrance Examination Board, Student Descriptive Questionnaire)